Avoiding the Translation Work Scams

Freelance writers are constantly expanding their business and searching for new work. They were recently warned about a translation work scam that has become popular on the Internet and is spreading through freelance job networks.
The Work
Many of the current translation scams have been circulating legitimate job boards for freelancers. The scammers pose as clients searching for workers and have occasionally contacted writers directly. They make the project seem legitimate by actually sending manuals and documents that need to be translated. They change names, addresses, emails and other contact information on a consistent basis making it difficult to identify them.
The Problems
Some of the translation scams have multiplied into different subsets. One group offers the typical advance fee scams. They send a check for a high amount of money and request that the writer wire a portion of it back to them. The checks always bounce while the writer is stuck paying back the bank with additional fees. They often send payments before the job is even complete, and the amounts tend to be very high.
A second group does not use the advance fee scam. Instead, this subset asks the writers to pay for leads in order to find work. They do not provide any information about actual jobs and simply take the money. In general, you should avoid offers that require payments to find work.
The third group of translation scams is the smallest subset. In this category, the people or companies actually need the work completed. However, they simply use the writers and do not pay them. Since the contact information they originally provide is bogus, it is almost impossible to collect payments.
Warning Signs
Since the scammers change names and contact information on a regular basis, it is difficult to track them. The easiest way to avoid them is to learn the warning signs of scam jobs. First, be careful with jobs that offer enormous advance payments because many of them turn out to be advance fee scams. Second, always verify the information for all jobs to make sure you are dealing with legitimate businesses and people. Also, check the reputation of the job posters and confirm with other freelancers. Many people are willing to provide information, so others do not become victims.

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