Hotel Comment Cards Go Online

Hotels and restaurants are the primary leaders in the hospitality and resort industry, striving to learn about their customer experience through the consumer’s eyes. The industry is a hotbed of guest opinions, a prime spot to review, criticize, or encourage the level of customer service received. For the employees of the resort, hotel, or restaurant, customer service is a top priority. Significant training dollars are spent on comprehensive training programs, covering all steps of the guest from the moment they check in.
Hotels and resorts in particular count on customer feedback as soon as possible. As guests are enjoying the grounds, they have many chances to provides some thoughts and information on their stay. Most of the time, this takes the form of a comment card, questionnaire, or survey left for completion at the time of checkout. Successful hotels and restaurants use this information to make changes and process improvements. Some even perform a complete technical analysis of the results, similar to web analytics studies available on the web today. This provides some very valuable, quantifiable feedback.
While some resorts opt for an electronic booth or station, others may use a simple touchscreen system at the checkout area so that guests can spend just a few minutes completing the survey. Questions about the level of service, quality of food, the friendliness of staff, and any specific instances they would like to report are prime opportunities for some instant feedback. When customers are able to fill these out before they leave the property, there may also be less of a chance for negative reviews later on. Customers who leave negative comments almost always receive a followup call from a general manager or company representative. The word of mouth buzz and marketing exploits are just as important for the hospitality industry as they are for the retail industry, productcs, and large-scale brands.
Today, thousands of hotels and resorts are participating in web-based comment cards that are delivered to the customer electronically immediately after their visit. This speeds up the process between check out and their review of the experience, allowing them time to check their e-mail and efficiently pitch in their opinions from home. The pressure, and choice, to complete the comment card while on vacation is eliminated, and creates a stronger opportunity for the hotel to obtain and track the information they need. Sites such as MetroMediaSoftware offer complete comment card creation and tracking packages for hotels of all sizes. The HotelExpert product automatically generates the e-mail and other surveys needed to handle and manage hotel complaints.
Although relying strictly on comment cards to make important management decisions can be misleading, an average grouping of a period date range can give a hotel or resort enough information and valuable insights. Customers generally don’t participate unless they are extremely happy or extremely disappointed. Encouraging participation with rewards such as a drawing, an instant coupon, or a discount on the next visit are a few incentives to create a consistent level of feedback. Still, moving the comment card online is an efficient and productive way to get some instant results, and can provide hotels with some strong data to work from.

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