In the second half of the year 2014 Apple launched its most awaiting phones ,namely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Looking the enthusiasm of the buyers it was obvious that it has something really great. The advanced booking was very high and before entering the market, the phones already had captured a big market. But the question is, do they really deserve the enthusiasm. We are going to look for it in a few minutes and review the best of the features the iPhone 6 plus provides to its buyer, besides the big Apple brand name.
There is something new and really worth looking change in the design .Earlier the iPhone which came up with straight line this phone has curved edges. Being slightly thinner than iPhone 5s and a more svelte mixture of metal and glass. All these gives a very good in hand feel to the customer. All the new changes in design add to the cons and makes the phone look really handsome.
This phone has a retina HD display with IPS panel and with 1920X1080 pixel display on a 5.5inches screen. All these features gives the best and natural display. You have a multi-touch display with a contrast of 1300:1 . All these provides a clear and improved view. In this sized screen movie watching is going to give you a theatre like experience. But in case you can’t reach every corner of such a big screen , Apple has provided you a reachability feature which can be used to reach anywhere on the screen . Means that if you can’t climb a mountain the peak must come to you.
This phone has a built in lithium-ion battery which is going to give you a really long battery life and unlike other smartphones you need not worry about the battery getting empty during travel.
The company claims a standby battery life of 16days and 24 hrs life on 3g calling. You can get 16hrs of life on 3G internet.
The IPhone 6 plus comes up with A8chip and 64 architecture. It also has a M8 co-processor giving a 25% higher speed than before.
Rear facing camera is of 8mp and with image stabilization feature. You can record 1080p had videos with the camera. While the front facing camera is of 1.2mp with burst mode. This camera is typically great for taking selfies.
The phone comes in 3 variants in case of storage. These are 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.
The M8 co-processor is very fast for the gamers and gives you a really great gaming experience. The A8 chip is claimed to give you 25% faster processing and really looks faster than the last years A7 one. The graphics is also awesome and improved with GFX benchmark graphics. Though the scientist are still working on it but you will not be disappointed.
You may be somewhat disappointed with the gigantic screen which may not fit your palm but the reachability feature will do your work. Going for all the other listed features you will clearly understand why the apple company sold out 10million IPhone in just 3 days of the release and the features are really representing the price.

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