In order to experience all the new function of Apple products, Apple fans can’t wait to upgrade their iPhone and iPad to iOS5 with the new features of iCloud and Siri, however, these new features are able to make a big loss to phone’s battery life. So at the present time the problem face to you is how to save battery power and prolong battery life. Here are some tips for you to solve this crucial problem.

1. Use Wi-Fi as far as possible instead of 3G.
If there are Wi-Fi and 3G signal at the same time, you had better to make use of Wi-Fi network, because the fact is Wi-Fi connection can make surf online and download content faster and save power more than 3G connection.

2. Close Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
This is a pretty simple method that can be awarded by most of cell phone users to reduce power loss. In general, you can often close Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions to save power and unless you need to use.

Close Wi-Fi:

Close Bluetooth:

3. Turn off handset
Turn the handset off to conserve power – Press and hold the top button until the Slide to power off instruction appears, that is ok. Simple really!

4. Turn push email off, schedule to check message
It is no need to make your iPhone to constantly check new message so as to consume your battery very fast, instead, check new message at regular intervals or manually. If you can disable push email fucntion and choose to check message manually, that will save a great deal of power for you.

Turn push email off:

5. Turn off Vibrate function.
When your iPhone rings or receive message, the vibrate function will be activated at that time. What you should know is vibrate function can drain some battery power, so remember to disable it. Here are steps:

6. Disable diagnostics

Another possible battery-eating worm in iOS 5 is Diagnostic & Usage data: Tap settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage
Set this to Don’t Send.

7. Manage Location Services.
Shut down your location services so as to stop your iPhone from keeping locate your position, which is a easy method to save power for you. What you should do is:

However, after shutting down location service, even you can’t use your Stock Maps app. So if you want to save power and also use the Stock Maps app, you can manage some apps to give an access to location services. So you need to fine tune your location services:

8. Set your Time Zone manually.
Apple’s default iPhone setting make your phone detect your Time Zone timely ,even the latest version iOS device make your GPS locate constantly your geographical location so as to drain your battery power, so the simple way is to disable this option and manually operate it when need such as traveling. Now reset your Time Zone function:

9. Manage Notifications and types of alerts.
You must note that when a call come, the iPhone’s screen will be lighted up to come into notice, however this notification use power every time and finally make your battery less endurance. How to do that:

10. Reduce screen brightness, Limit screen timeout.
The brighter the screen, the more power the iPhone consumes. So turn off auto-brightness function and then drop screen brightness to low power loss for you. In addition to that, shorten the auto Auto-Lock timeout also can conserve battery life.

Drop screen brightness:

Limit the Auto-Lock timeout:

11. Disable Raise to Speak on Siri
Are you using iPhone 4S? Have you used its individual assistant tool-Siri? It is convenient that iPhone automatically wakes Siri when take phone to your face, but the fact is it will drain your battery. In order to save power, you can simply press and hold the home button to communicate with your personal assistant. Study to turn off that:

12. Sync fewer items with iCloud.
iCloud syncs your information such as photo, email and bookmarks with Apple’s cloud. This service really bring more convenience for Apple fans, but also burn up your battery. If you are going to save power for your phone, the better way is to close some you are not using at.

13. Bonus tip!
Carry a battery pack with you and never pass up an opportunity to charge up for your iPhone! That means carrying a charger with you and charges your phone at any place if possible.

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