An oft-cited factor which contributes to why two people can’t progress from an exclusively dating stage to a romantic relationship is because one of them is not too affectionate. To avoid these conflicts, both parties should first understand that the definition of being affectionate is inherently different between sexes. Men for instance have trouble verbalizing their feelings, and are more inclined to show these through actions. In addition, men are looking for someone who can enjoy or at least appreciate the activities they like. Women on the other are more expressive of their feelings. Talking for women is not only therapeutic; it’s a way for them to feel affirmation from their partners.

Needless to say, it would be good for the relationship for either of you to strive to be more affectionate. There are a number of ways on how you can show genuine affection to the person you are going out with. Sending love quotes through SMS are one the cheapest and easiest ways to do this, and if you send them regularly, they can also be one of the most effective and touching. Although there are plenty of websites that compile love quotes, your would-be girlfriend or boyfriend would still prefer receiving those that have a personal touch.

Ladies today still appreciate love poems and guys don’t mind being read to every once in a while. Like love quotes, the Internet has an extensive library of romantic poetry. Then again, those love poems which you composed on your own will be more evocative, more sincere. As an added twist, you could send segments of your love poem at different times of the day, and send in the last stanza with a bouquet of flowers or a small gift.

Love songs are another effective way of expressing how you feel about that special person in your life. If you can sing, you can go to those piano bars and surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend by going on stage and dedicating a song for them. Alternatively, you can just play a slow love song which you and your date can dance to.

For someone not used to doing any of those romantic gestures mentioned, they can be truly challenging. However, trying to be more romantic is a way of showing how much you really want to be with that person. Learning the art of compromise is an indication that your love affair will prosper. This give and take exercise is inherent to any relationship, and situations that require such will come in more often as you develop a deeper romantic relationship, more so wedded couples. Learning how to think as a couple is no easy task, but it will ensure a lasting and satisfying relationship for the both of you.

There are several ways on how you can become more romantic with your special someone. You can, for instance, sing them a love song, and send them daily love quotes. Get additional relationship pointers by following this link love songs.

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