QR codes have great potential in today’s world of retail or internet business. They bring in new customers and inform old customers of different events, only if they are used in the right manner.
However, there are some campaigns where QR codes are not useful and can cause businesses more harm than good. For example, everyone can point to at least one marketing venture a company has used that’s failed. You need to remember to set up your QR code to correspond to with your mobile webpages, so your campaign can survive.
However, here are a few things businesses do not want to do with QR code campaigns.

1. Do not use QR codes to advertise your company as cool, hip or trendy. Using QR codes are all about marketing products and services, not devoted to one segment of the advertising population.

2. Do not use QR code to advertise coupons that a person needs to print out. Unless customers really want to use the coupon, they may be too busy to print it out. Instead use coupons that customers can store on their phones and use at the point-of-sale.

3. Do not use QR codes to lead customers to such media websites like Twitter or Facebook page that does not have any important information. Businesses shouldn’t try to increase usage for social media websites. If there’s no important content relevant to promoting products or services, don’t lead customers there.

4. Do not use QR code to a webpage by informing a customer of new videos that is not there or has nothing to do with the scanner code provided. Every company wants to be on the cutting edge of technology, but wait until every aspect of the mobile marketing campaign –including the QR code– is ready.

5. Do not use any application or formats that require special or particular services for QR codes to work. Typically, customers wanting to view QR codes need to download a special reader. The reader is usually free. However, companies should assume that customers don’t have any special applications or formats. Keep QR codes simple and easy to view.

6. Do not forget to test-scab QR code campaign to make sure to the created content is intended to do what you programmed it to do. Of course, it seems like a meaningless thing to warn businesses about. The fact is that some companies do launch QR code campaigns that are doomed for failure because of lack of proper testing. No business should be remembered for the mistakes when promoting products.
QR Codes are an innovative and effective way of advertising to consumers– when done correctly. Therefore, businesses should remember to treat QR Codes marketing just like any other marketing campaign.
Make sure to use a marketing strategy that makes sense and appeals to consumers. In fact, before creating a large marketing plan employing QR codes start small. For instance, companies can use one QR code to link to their websites then track the progress. As more people start using the code, incorporate more of them on products or in promotions.

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