Description: Works with the Bluetooth option in your Mac to provide a cable-free way to interact with your system at a distance of up to 33 feet, 128-bit over-the-air encryption, Features 16-function keys, full numeric keypad, document navigation keys, and an inverted-T, Note: Requires a Bluetooth enabled Macintosh Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours Average customer rating: 4.0 Sales rank: 1398

Customer Reviews Beauty is only skin deep with this one. I love Apple’s designs, I needed a keyboard for my Powerbook setup (the laptop is raised off the desk on a stand), and I hate cords. So when I could afford this keyboard, I ordered it. It looks nice, but that’s about the only good thing about it. Apple’s got a good reputataion with me, so I think I had on blinders the first few weeks I owned this thing. But my experience with this keyboard was mostly negative. Pros (let’s start off on a positive note): – looks nice (but see caveat below) – no cords Cons: – mushy key action – this feels like one of those crappy $10 keyboards you get with sub-$500 windows systems. – connection problems (also mentioned by a couple other reviewers) – keyboard loses connection, and the bluetooth driver in some cases just repeats the last character that you sent for about 10 seconds. If you’ve just pressed the delete key, then you get to watch what you just typed disappear into the ether. Frustrating. – at first, the attractive transparent case looks modern, unusual, and stylish. But have you ever looked underneath the keys of any board that’s been in use for over a few weeks? With this keyboard, you’ll get a chance to see the horror that lurks just beneath your fingertips. On a daily basis. And all your clients and friends will too. It’s not a pretty sight. – After switching to a scissor-key-action type keyboard (the same method used in the Powerbook’s built-in board), I’ve discovered that I *far* prefer this method instead of the Wireless Pro’s mush, long-travel, type keys. The twinges of RSI that I was beginning to get more often have disappeared since I switched. BTW, the keyboard I switched to, and highly recommend, is the MacAlly icekey slim model. It’s got a nasty USB cord, but it doesn’t disconnect and it feels much much better. And it’s about 1/2 the price. connection problems This keyboard is great – if you don’t have any connection problems. If you look at the forums at apple support, you’ll realize that quite a few people who purchased this keyboard run into exactly that – bluetooth connection problems. Where all of a sudden, you’llllllll bbbbbbbe tyyyyyyyyyypinggggggg lllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeee this. Aggravating – and there’s really nothing that can be done to avoid it if you have the problem…. supposedly it’s due to wireless interference…. but i’ve had to go back to using my wired keyboard. The best Keyboard I’ve ever used I find it funny someone else had such a bad experience with this keyboard. It must have been a lemon from the store. I find the keys on this keyboard SO EASY and nice to press I type about 80+ words/minute and it keeps up and is very comfortable. I haven’t owned a more comfortable keyboard ever. The first set of batteries I had lasted about 8 months before I switched them out. The next set I put in normal alkaline batteries and they lasted about 6 months. I have rechargables in right now and they have lasted quite a while although it’s too early to tell. This is quite simply the best keyboard I’ve ever owned. _fingers down_

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