10th. According to the list, Sanyo Katana II is at number ten. It will produce 0.55 watts/kg of maximum radiation. It is actually a cellphone for the kids. It has been featured with parenteral control, which includes GPS, time blocks and allowances.

9th. Motorola Karma QA1 takes place at number 9. It also produces maximum radiation of 0.55 watts/kg. This particular phone comes up with slide out keyboard, 2MP camera and IM style texting. It is also compatible with MySpace and Facebook.

8th. At number 8, we are finding LG Xenon, which produces maximum radiation of 052 watts/kg. Being a slim slider, it has full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. It has been featured with 2MP camera and quick messaging technology as well.

7th. T-Mobile Sidekick II is at number 7. It will produce 0.50 watts/kg of radiation at max. It will also come up with a full QWERTY keyboard. In addition, there will be free 6MB email account as well. It is also featured with an integrated camera with flash. You can also enjoy web-browsing service while using this phone.

6th. The Samsung Gravity is at number 6. Maximum radiation produced by this cellphone is 0.49 watts/kg. However, this simple but highly effective cellphone has several colors. It also has “HiFi”, which can play popular songs. It has 2MP camera and slide-out keyboard as well.

5th. Samsung Propel Pro has found its place at number 5. It produces 0.47 watts/kg of maximum radiation. This phone has been featured with 3MP camera as well as WiFi capabilities.

4th. Samsung Rugby is at number 4. It emits 0.46 watts/kg of radiation at max. It has been built in such way that it can survive vibration, humidity, rain, temperature, natural extremities along with other rough environments. It comes up with 3Q wireless, navigator and video technology.

3rd. Samsung SGH-t229 takes place at number 3. It emits only 0.38 watts/kg of radiation at maximum. This simple phone has multiple messaging, web browsing and lots of funny things to do.

2nd. One of the most popular phone of Motorola is Motorola RAZR V8 and it has been placed at the second position. However, it emits 0.36 watts/kg of radiation at max. It has high speed web access and a 2MP camera with 8X digital zoom.

1st. Samsung Impression takes the first position with emission of 0.35 watts/kg of radiation at maximum. It has been featured with HTML browser, Bluetooth, quick messaging and lots of funny stuff.

However, as now we all know about the top ten safest cellphones of the world, it is up to you to choose anyone from them to stay safe from cellphone radiations.

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