When it comes to the keyword research process in article marketing for seo, many writers feel a bit complicated whether which way to go and what tools to use in order to walk through the right way of article marketing. The purpose of the research is to find out ways that enhance the page rank success.

In blogging, people say “content is king”. Yes, that’s absolutely right. And in search engine optimization (SEO), I would say “search engine is the king of king”. SEO can’t live without search engine. It’s the point that you have to pay very close attention to keyword research process just like you try to comfort your angry wife or husband. Remember, internet article marketing is very different from the mass print which is known as traditional article marketing.

In article writing for seo, you have to go through keywords research and selection process. Basically, Keywords research and selection is not too hard to come by. Just go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and search for any keywords relating to your article theme before moving to the writing process.

When it comes to the process there should be 4 crucial things to consider:

1. Profitability

Normally, not all traffic converts into sales or clicks (in google Adsense). Just be careful when selecting any keywords from any tools. You should look at the bidding rate and whether any adverts appear. If they don’t, it seems that people are not spending money on that niche. To be frank, it’s not 100% accurate check, but it could give you a general image about that. Anyway, it’s good idea to understand whether your selected keywords are being profitable on the net. You can look at the right side of google search engine result pages there are any sponsored links. If there are more people advertising using that keyword, chance are there.

2. Amounts of searches

Normally, the search result displays the amounts of searches per month. It’s a good idea to have the number of searches not more than 50 per day. If you go for the bigger amounts of searches, there would be more competitors in the niche, so it’s a little bit hard to get your article to rank high on search engines. SEO and article experts can choose to work with any keywords with the larger amounts of searches and the process is not too hard for them to get the article in the first page rank. What’s the secret? There is no secret in the world. Let’s find out more!

3. Amounts of competitors

The best way to help your article become the super star in the niche is to select those low competitive keywords. Go to search engine and enter your keyword with “quotation mark” then take not with the result. Bear in mind, not to choose the keyword with higher than 15,000 competitors. The lower competitors, the higher your article will be ranked.

4. Theme Words

Writing an article in a niche can be quite difficult if you do not have background or knowledge about that market. Beside the keyword process and market requirements, you need to pay attention to theme words that will be used in the article.

What do theme words mean?

Theme words are terms or group of words that the niche experts use in the writing process. So, if you do not understand or are not familiar with those words, you doom the success into a nightmare.

Why theme words?

Because, the major search engine indexes your pages by giving value to the number of those special theme words as what they did with Adsense program. How Google know what your pages are about in order to place the right and relevant Adsense ads context. I believe they do apply Semantic technology in ranking algorithm. So, why can’t they use that technique as their ranking method?

To my regret a considerable time has passed since I published amount of articles last as I didn’t care enough about inserting a few percents of the keyword process and theme words into my article passage. For these reason, I suggest you to apply both options whereas writing is required.

In article marketing for seo, you should also do the spot check your articles such as spelling, grammar and duplicate content before publish them on article directories or blogs or you will leave a bad history to your domain and site. If you use PLR content to create article, the good idea is not to use article spinning software – just rewrite it by yourself. Last but not the least, internet marketing is speedily growing. If you do not stay up to date, you’ll lose a lot of money on the table.

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