What follows might be totally familiar to some of us reading this article. However it was time to, hopefully, PREVENT A LOT OF NEWCOMERS in the online work from home opportunities business (marketing, sales, ebooks etc.) FROM MAKING the same MISTAKES we made. Don’t get freightend now!! Keep in mind that when you are persistant with your online work opportunity. YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

Therefore, what you will discover in this article, are home TIPS which will help you to keep from spending an awful lot of time and money with zero results.

It will also put you on the right track to personal satisfaction in whichever field you choose for your online home opportunity.

The first thing you should always keep in mind when you start, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT AND AFTER YOU HAVE DONE THE THINKING, THINK AGAIN!! Sounds strange I know, it will get clearer to you when you continue reading.

Included in this thinking process should be your work input timewise. To create a descent home income you will need time and patience, when you would invest let’s say 10 hours a week it will certainly take you a few years before real financial success at home comes your way.

Obviously this depends on how you measure real succes. This remark will probably scare off the easy money seekers but it is best to be honest.

Tip #1

There are a major number of home opportunity players out there who are capable of taking money out of your pocket with golden promises and easy money stories. Don’t act on them . IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT WILL BE TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!

Tip #2

When you are ready to start your home business, start investigating what you need. Join affiliate programs where they will provide you with a work at home website. Everybody wants you to join their program and when you do join, you will be overwhelmed with all the information which they will throw at you.

Affiliate programs are a great source of income, but you should always take your time to look further into the program before you join.

How long have they existed, ask for names of affilates whom you can contact. Ask any possible question you can think of from your future sponsor (Upline). Join forums to seek info. Use a search engine and just search for home business forums.

Tip #3

After you have joined the affiliate program of your choice don’t get in to spending money before you know what you are actually doing. AGAIN, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. They will provide you with all sorts of work tools to promote your business, try the free one’s first to get to grips with the actual business you’re in.

Tip #4

Search engines. We all know about them and we probably all know what they can mean towards getting visitors to your site. There is only one problem, just take any search engine and do a search. For example: home business. There were over 448 million entries just in Google alone. There is NO WAY you will be on the first three pages for a long time. Obviously you can use Google ads or Overture to buy searchword targeted advertisements, but there is a small problem. You probably will get visitors, but will they join your program or buy your products?? Your chances are small because you need to warm up your prospects first.

Tip #5

Get a descent linking program. There are several available for free on the web. Just search for free link manager on any search engine. These programs will help you to track your links and see if other sites are still linking back to your site. They’ll even create the link pages for you, to put on your site.

Tip #6

Better start learning the basics of HTML. There will be many new things coming your way, and one of them are the earlier mentioned websites. Since your future income is totally depending on referrals and new sign ups (members in your downline).

Your affiliate program will most likely provide you with promotional tools like banners, buttons, links, webpages and more and more. These tools have your personal referral code written into them.

You better check every single time that it is your referral code. Because the only way to track the referrer when someone signes up, or buys a product is through this code. Imagine, you promoting your website like crazy with all these tools, and in the mean time it might have someone else’s code inside!! YOUR LOSE, THEIR GAIN.

Didn’t we mention earlier that you want to make sure you joined a descent affiliate program and that their are plenty of storytellers out there? This is just one possible scenario you want to watch out for. Therefore, get at least a basic understanding of HTML coding.

Tip #7

PLAN AHEAD EVERY TIME, AND I MEAN EVERY TIME, stay focused when you step behind your computer to work towards your future. As soon as you get on the net, you will be pulled in a certain direction.

You won’t notice but let’s say you were to search for something. You will start on one page and before you know it, you will be reading material or you’ll be visiting webpages with no connection anymore to what you where searching for. You’ve been caught up in what’s called preselling.

The best internet guru’s probably think fifty steps ahead of you and start pulling you in from the beginning. That is why you want to plan ahead over and over again.

Final thoughts:


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