Google AdSense is most ranking company for make money with a blog. In this world 60-70% people like to using Google AdSense for make money. Other people make money from Affiliate, CPA, buy sell ads and etc. In our career we can see many problem, confusing and all things to blogs. So, many people are try to apply AdSense account with their blogs. But, unfortunately some people get AdSense account and some people can’t get. On some people get success on Google AdSense and some people lost their AdSense account for any reason. So, I create this post and share you knowledge about, when you grab your gold piece, I mean AdSense account for your blog. What you must do and what you never do. So many people are not follow their rules, not read their privacy. Then they lost their AdSense account.

Here you can see what you need to do for safe your AdSense account easily. I will guaranty you, if you follow this lesson you will never lost or banned your account. You just need to follow the below instruction.

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So, let’s start our tutorial about how to safe your AdSense account. At first we need knowledge about what you never have permission for do that.

Click your own ads: After putting your AdSense code don’t click your own ads for make money. If you do and click your own ads? You don’t need to waiting for see the banned AdSense account. It’s just need a minute for permanently banned your account.

Don’t force your friend: First of all you never click your own ads. They, never try to tell your friends to visit your site and click all Google AdSense ads. Because, Google will easily catch you for fake click.

Don’t spamming: Never share your website link to each other. Never put your website link on Facebook comment (so many times). Don’t put directly your website link on blog commenting. You must ignore that things.

Too many ads: Never try to create too many ads unit for your home page. I will suggest you to put at least 2-3 ads on your main homepage. You need to put your AdSense ads in correct place. It will looks good for placing your Google AdSense code.

Buy traffic: Never try to buy traffic or visitor for boosting your ranking and make money. It will definitely harmful for your AdSense account. All companies are give you fake visitor, harmful visitor and many disgusting traffic for your website.

Social exchange: Never try to get visitor from social exchanging site. Because they are not quality visitor. They only visit your site and wait 10 second. Then they close your page. So, it will harmful for your AdSense blogs.

Above all list that’s are basic information. Don’t do that anything on above list. If you need more knowledge, have problem and confusing? Feel free to contact me via comment box. I will really appreciate to solve your problem.

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