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Having a birthday following Christmas by two weeks leaves me very little chance for birthday gifts as family and friends tend to recall that they had just given me a gift. Typically they claim a present as a Christmas/birthday gift. All throughout my life I always wished I had a summer birthday, but not this year. This year my wife decided to get me a new phone for my Christmas/birthday gift. And this time she had a legitimate reason to combine them, as the new phone was expensive. I had mentioned a couple of times prior that I was tired of my worn out old phone and was also smitten with the advertisement of the new Android. So she got me one. I was a little overwhelmed to begin with because I had never had a ‘smart’ or ‘robot’ phone. And as soon as I opened it my wife took over. She began uploading different applications and synching it with all the different blue tooth devices. It was about an hour before I got a hold of it.
Now that I am deployed I have been using it everyday and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with it. I have Verizon, which I have never had any difficulties with, and as a military member, I receive as discount on our wireless plan. Besides the fantastic provider the phone itself has a great camera/video and extremely seamless and comprehensive operating system.

I have uploaded the following (free) applications as well:


This application allows me to catch up with my friends and view updates on Facebook. Furthermore it allows me to update my phone contacts with pictures of my friend’s Facebook profile picture, automatically.


This application allows you to play different levels of Sudoku without having to buy a newspaper.

Air Force Creeds

As a new member of the US Air Force I uploaded this application as it has the Air Force Song, Core Values, Airmen Creed and more.

ASL Lite

This application provides a how to on the basics in sign language.


The recipes for a lot of different drinks are available with this application. It also has a favorites toggle that allows you to easily navigate to your favorite drinks.

Better Settlers

I was hoping for the full game, but for those of you who play Settlers of Catan this application has the basic game board setup and random board setups. If you want to play the game online for free go to:


This application provides the user with different versions of the bible and concordances for uploading.

Calvin and Hobbes

The classic comic strip is available everyday with this application.

Cribbage Pro

The best card game ever available for free downloading.

Quagmire SoundBoard

This application offers hilarious sound bites from Quagmire of Fox’s Family Guy.

Radiant Lite

This is and awesome free demo of the classic arcade game.

Robo Defense

Another awesome demo that plays more like a game you would actually pay for.


Shows the updates of the stocks you pick, which is very handy.

The Weather Channel

Displays how much warmer it is at home as opposed to where I am. Sigh.

On a side note, as a kid my dad used to call me Android, so it just seemed natural to get one.

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