Brent Spiner’s Journey from Android to Twitter-dom

Brent Spiner is one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite shows. Yes, I mean Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Spiner has been busy despite not having many huge acting gigs since his beloved character’s demise on Star Trek: Nemesis. Here’s what my favorite actor has been doing much to the delight of his cadre of fans.

Brent Spiner is one of the most active celebrities on Twitter. On April Fools’ Day alone he tweeted nine times, some as replies and others just as random posting. He communicates back and forth with fellow Trek actors LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton who take simply add to the humor.

Lately he’s made fun of LeVar Burton accidentally posting his cell phone number on Twitter. He says “I’d like to apologize to my dear friend @levarburton for making light of his unfortunate pitfall. I’d call him, but I don’t have his number.” His tweets are funny and grammatically correct.

Whatever Brent Spiner does, the popular actor has a huge following. He has over 1.3 million followers on Twitter. On the other hand he only follows eight Twitter users.


Two years ago Brent Spiner came out with a CD that included music and readings. Called Dreamland, the album is narrated by Spiner as a man going on a wacky journey and meeting all sorts of characters. The album also features Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker from Star Wars) and a very talented local singer Maude Maggart whom Spiner heard on the radio one day.

You can order his album off of the website for $20 or download single tracks to an mp3 player. Autographed copies are five dollars more.

Movies and Television

Along with many other great voice actors, Spiner has lent his voice to the science-fiction adventure film Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey. Made for children and an educational tool for exploring the solar system, a photon named Dave (voiced by the new Captain Kirk Chris Pine) must travel out to the fringes of our solar system to find the Cassini spacecraft. Brent Spiner voices Coach Mackey. The film is 45 minutes long and uses NASA footage to let students explore the solar system without having to leave the classroom.

His recent guest appearance on Leverage as a juror also re-united him with Jonathan Frakes who directed the episode “The Juror #6 Job.” Leverage is a modern take on Robin Hood when a team of high tech bandits raid large corporations to steal money.