If you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, you understand how challenging DIY tasks may be. Particularly if you’re going to be doing a lot of wall work. As a result, it’s obvious that one of the most critical talents you should acquire while staying at home is the ability to hang different objects from the wall using drywall anchors. Picture frames, picture hooks, and picture Pilates bars are the most often used items that need drywall anchors. Continue reading to learn more about how to use drywall anchors efficiently.
What Are Drywall Anchors in the First Place? In an ideal world, you’d like to hang larger items from the wall using drywall anchors; however, this is not always feasible, particularly when there is no adjacent stud and no angle to balance it on. This presents an issue since there is no easy way to change the location of the heavy item without removing it from the wall or moving it along the frame. You may resolve this issue by using several pieces of equipment that the majority of individuals have lying around the home.
For instance, hollow walls may be used as drywall anchors. Hollow walls are ones with a diameter greater than the thickness of the wall. To secure this kind of wall to the studs, you’ll need to use heavy-duty screws or bolts designed for hollow wall installation.
Additionally, strap toggle bolts and drywall anchors may be used. Strap toggle bolts are a thin metal strip that may be screwed to the wall. Once attached to a screw hook, it transforms into a wall anchor. The benefit of this kind of anchor is that it allows for precise control over the amount of weight applied, since the excess load is carried by the thin metal strip.

The majority of homeowners choose for drywall anchors that are designed to withstand greater weights. The drywall anchor drill is one of these instruments. This tool may be used to drill small holes as well as deeper ones. A drill press may be used to place the deeper kind of anchor. However, you must keep in mind that drilling with a drill press is not advised for mounting larger weights due to the risk of injury. To avoid injury to your body, it is nevertheless advised that you use a hand drill to insert drywall anchors.
Apart from drywall anchors for various kinds of buildings, you may also get screws developed especially for hanging shelves and doors. The majority of screws offered at hardware shops are coated with an anti-rust substance to prevent them from rusting over time. Screws used to attach drywall anchors should be big enough to accommodate the whole shelf or door being hung.
Along with screws and drywall anchors, hardware shops have steel drywall anchors. These steel screws are often zinc-coated to make them rust resistant. If you’re going to utilize steel screws, be certain they’re long enough and corrosion resistant. Steel drywall anchors are the finest choice for hanging shelves because they will not bend or break under strain. Additionally, steel screws are less costly than other kinds of screws. Additionally, if you’re going to use a stud finder, steel drywall anchors are the ideal option since they won’t do any structural damage.
Apart from the many kinds of drywall anchors available, hardware shops also provide hanging boards or panels that may be used to support large constructions. Certain hanging strips are constructed of heavy-duty metal and are available in a variety of sizes. Additionally, these strips can hold large items and include grooves on their surface to aid in maintaining their shape. However, you must use nails or tape to attach them on your own.


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