No matter what business you’re in, you need to know how to write effective ads or you’re not going to get people to your site. The mystery of effective ad writing has eluded many people since the beginning of the printed word. The truth is, there is really no big secret to it. This article will unravel the mystery for you and give you the basic things you need so that with a little practice you will be able to write effective ad copy.

Probably the most important part of any ad is the subject line. Without a compelling subject, people are not going to read your ads, especially if they are email ads. You need to be different and outrageous. Don’t be afraid to use subjects like “Martians Have Landed And They’ve Captured YOUR Business” or something crazy like that. Also, if you are using autoresponders, use the person’s first name in the subject. People like to be referred to personally.

In the body of your ad you want to start out by introducing yourself. Make it personal. People want to get to know who you are so that they can trust you. If you start off with a sales pitch, they’re just going to tune out. You have to get their trust first. Then you can give them your sales pitch further down the road.

The next thing to do is tell them how you can help them. Tell them YOUR story. Stories sell. Explain how you were going through the same thing they are going through now until you came up with a solution to the problem. Then, tell them what the solution is. Explain how it will help them by outlining the benefits.

After that, assure them that they have nothing to worry about. Point out the guarantee. It’s a lot easier to promote a product that has a guarantee. Explain to them that if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase within a certain amount of time, however many days or months, that they can get a full refund on their purchase.

Next, tell them about all the bonuses they will get if they order now. Explain to them that these bonuses are only available for a limited time and if they don’t act fast they may miss out on them. Fear is a great motivator. If people think they will lose out on something they are more likely to act.

The next thing you want to do is offer some testimonial proof, if you have it. If people see that others have been satisfied with what you’re selling, they will be more inclined to purchase it. This is just one more thing that can reinforce a feeling of trust.

Finally, let them know that if they have any questions at all they can contact you and you’ll be happy to help them. This further gains their trust.

Writing ad copy is not rocket science. If you follow the basic steps that I have outlined above, you should have no trouble writing ad copy that converts.

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