By following simple strategies you will increase your chances of making more money while spending less time each day. That is the aim of this site to help you earn online and we will share this information with you. More free sites, lessons, material and tips will be added to this site regularly. If you are not sure what Mylot is, you can read about Mylot on this

. If you havent joined Mylot you can do so

We have been paid by Mylot numerous times and this site is perfectly genuine and does pay its members. The key is to be persistent and take part in discussions that you like and have knowledge about for a few minutes a day and your money will add up quickly. The easiest is to reply to other members messages and once you see how the postings are done on this site you can start to post your own messages. When you have accumulated $10 you will be paid by Paypal or e-gold.

Mylot is gaining popularity with over 53000 registered members. Mylot is an online community that pays you for taking part in discussions in a forum like environment. Here are some tips to increase your earnings.


* Respond as much as possible to other’s topics without concentrating on earning money. Just write what you know is best and forget about making money for that moment. Money will come if you write in detail and your discussion has some quality and value. Make sure that your posts are atleast two sentences or more in length to get better money for your time.

* Start a new discussion with a topic that most people will respond to. Avoid writing topics that are ‘do you like this’, ‘do you like that’, ‘How old are you’ etc. When responding to topics avoid replies like ‘I dont know’, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and other similar responses, those messages are mostly removed. Your topics should be such that argument can take place and others have a chance to give their opinion and agree or disagree with others. Your posts should have some substance so conversation can take place.

* When replying to someone’s message try and upload a picture/photo (avoid copyrighted photos) which are somewhat relevant to the discussion that you are responding to. There is a link to upload photo when you are responding to a message. Note, you can upload pictures when you have 500 points or higher. Points are shown next to your userid. You get one point for each response (excluding your own started posts). Upload your photo and add some comments.

* When you take some material from any external site make sure to add some reference to it or quote it. You dont want your post to get deleted and lose your earning.

* Make as many friends as you can and ask them to judge your discussions or ask them to help you identify best responses and mark those responses as a best reponse in your post. Ask your friends which topic they would like you to write or help them include some topic for discussion.

* Use tags for your and others posts. Tags will increase your earnings and more people will either search or respond to it.

* Rate other posts and discussions by selecting + and – next to each reply.

* After you have registered you get a referrer Id which you can see in your profile. Send your referral Id to people you know and when they sign up with Mylot and take part in discussion, you make money!

* When you sign up you can choose your interests and other personal preferences. Start discussions that belong to a category or your interest. This would help you get more money for your posts.

Good Luck…

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