Bottom Line Accounting was first created by Hooper International Inc in Colorado and can be used by one person operating company to a large company. Bottom Line (BLA) has evolved from user’s ideas and valuable suggestions. Bottom Line Accounting is user friendly accounting software with which a firm can run different reports in varied formats. The financial reports can also directly transform from BLA to our customized pages of Excel spreadsheet, word processor or any other data processor.

Bottom line accounting software is a simple install and easy-to-use business and accounting software that is great for the common layman with little or no accounting background. With an inexpensive multiuser Bottom Line Accounting package a firm can account for unlimited accounting periods. Can open up all financial data in report, Graph and chart format. Easy to set up chart of accounts allows the user to do the corrections with one duplicate entry without deleting all other linked transactions. The user can easily print out checks and all kinds of tax forms. To avoid any data loss back up can also be taken with help of in-built data file backup feature of this accounting software. User can also with the option “Rebuilt” can correct a corrupt file without any technical background.

Bottom line Accounting from time to time keeps on updating its version, the user simply needs to go to help menu of the BLA software n click on the “check for updates on web”, and this would update the software with new updates available if any. BLA has different kit available for varying needs of a firm like they have a basic kit for individuals, business kits with and without payroll and likewise. The latest version available is BLA2008 version 2.8b.

There are many other similar business and accounting package available in the market. BLA’s point-of-sale-module makes it a strong contender in the market among other accounting software for inventory oriented businesses.

Author: R. Miller, Accounting Software Reviewer

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