Why hello brand new iPhone 4S owners. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eli, I’m 6 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and love long walks on the beach… Wait, wait, wait, wrong introduction. Err, anyway, let’s assume you’ve just unboxed your iPhone 4S, peeled all the plastic off of it, and are currently waiting for it to do its first sync. You looked up ” iPhone game reviews ” trying to figure out what you should downloaded, and that landed you here.

[Note to current readers: This guide is written for people who just got their iPhone, or are stumbling across TouchArcade for the first time today trying to find games for their new device. If you’re a close follower of this site, chances are high that you’re already aware of the things I’ll be discussing and the games I’ll be linking, but you never know, you might learn something!]

TouchArcade is the largest iOS-specific gaming site on the internet. We’ve got a whole staff of writers dedicated to finding and reviewing the coolest games available on the App Store, and our forums are widely regarded by iOS developers as the place to be to discuss iOS gaming. Come back often, and I promise we’ll always have new and exciting things to check out every time you do. We’ve even got an app in development which will make TouchArcade-powered game discovery even easier.

Every month we’ll do a “Best iOS Games” roundup post that bundles up all the best games that we reviewed in a particular month. These articles are the best place to get started if you want a quick glance at all the best games that have come out, accessible via the Best iPhone Games category link in the far right column. (Or by clicking that link I just dropped.)

We’ve also done more substantial “best of” roundups at the end of each year, as well as when new devices are released, much like this post. Here’s a list of those:

So You Just Got a Verizon iPhone… Let’s Get You Up To Speed!

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