Eazyspeak Spanish Levels 1 and 2 (PC & Mac) List Price: $24.99 Your Price: $22.99 Released by: Kutoka (06 December, 2004)

Description: CD-ROM, Game-like learning system teaches over 800 words of vocabulary, Quickly extends conversational skills; no lengthy explanations and exercises, Portrayed in a comic cartoon style; modern, interactive, and full of humor, Includes both beginner and intermediate levels, For ages 12 and up Supported by: Windows XP, Mac OS X, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Rating: Teen Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours Average customer rating: 4.5 Sales rank: 311

Customer Reviews Great for Adults! This product is amazing. After learning my husband was taking me to Mexico for our 25th anniversary, I was nervous about going into a foreign country without knowing any Spanish. This game is amazing. It is the fastest way to learn a language without the long drawn out grammar explanations. Afterall, I just wanted to learn the basics, phrases for restaurants, banks, airports, shopping etc. This game was so much fun, you couldn’t tear me or my husband off the computer. We kept wanting to play because learning was so much fun. The phrases I learned contributed to a much more enjoyable trip and now I have enrolled at the local community college to further my Spanish. This product is perfect for any one travelling and wanting to learn the phrases and colloquial expression fast. Not appropriate for younger children . . My husband bought this program for our 6 year old daughter who is taking a Spanish class at school. It was advertised as a children’s program and the labeling was ambiguous as to what age was appropriate. Once installed, it was clearly innappropriate for younger users–full of sexually suggestive content and disturbing images (e.g. dismemebered and decapitated ‘characters’ in the tutorial section, cartoon-style violence, female characters with exaggerated physical characteristics, characters smooching excessively, etc.). While most older kids wouldn’t be fazed by this, and might find the cartoonish violence amusing, it’s not a game for a youngster. I advise parents of younger kids to look elsewhere and of older ones to preview the content and decide if it’s the kind of game you want your child playing with. On the plus side, for adults and teens, the immersion-style structure of the activities seemed to be easy to use and quite instructive. Great for conversational or travel What a wonderful game – addictive and motivating! If you want to be able to make original sentences, you might need something more in depth with a bit more grammar, but for “Eazy Speak” this is right on the target! Fun for any computer user! Looking for Spanish curriculum for younger kids? Try Flip Flop Spanish which has a CD with the writable workbook.

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