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Description: Teachers agree: learning is easy when you’re having fun. That’s the spark behind Numbers and Letters Excelerator Ages 2-5, a four-CD-ROM set of premium software titles combining amusement and education in one motivationally interactive package. Stuffed with more than 20 individual lessons and more than 50 activities, this educational suite for children delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventure, while promising the acquisition and retention of fundamental spelling and counting skills. Whether on sing-along safari with the gang from the PBS hit “Zoboomafoo” or honing their number recognition and phonics ability, first-time readers will grow with confidence as they immerse themselves in these challenging activities, which adjust to a child’s rising proficiency level. Included in the bundle are: Chatter Buddies Ready for Speech: Making the R, S, and L Sounds (in which the Chatter Buddies cast focuses on three of the most commonly erred sounds that affect reading readiness in preschoolers and toddlers: R, S, and L), Letters & Numbers (featuring 11 sing-along karaoke songs and 15 interactive games and activities), Zoboomafoo Animal Kids (help Zoboomafoo collect googleberries while playing 10 different games at three skill levels), and Buddy Brush and the Painted Circus (a disc filled with zany activities, magical matching games, and imaginative coloring exercises).

Customer Reviews A good value for the money My daughter enjoyed this program. She learned a lot of different words. The animations are clever and she enjoyed completing the spaceship to get Quixel home. This is a good program to build a foreign language vocabulary. Beware! I thought this would be good for my students until I tried it out myself. First I tried the Italian. When I discovered that they translated “potato chips” as “microchips”, I was surprised. In telling time, they expressed the correct feminine plural but displayed the incorrect masculine singular “il due” for 2:00. Now for the French…I learned that “potato chips” were “eclats” as in “paint chips”. Wrong chips both times folks – and good luck in a restaurant! I stopped there. It’s a shame they never got a native speaker to check it before releasing this as an educational item. They did get native speakers to read aloud the vocab lists however. That’s the one-star part.

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