Video Screen Capture Android App is software that capture your screen in high resolution rate. It make video in MPEG4 format. You can also take screenshot in jpeg, bmp and png format. This is great software that can help you to record your action in mobile phone. You can also help to others to use android phone by making video of all action. If you like to take photos of screen in important moment then you can do this by using this software. It means there is no need to use screenshot application for doing all these things.

When you do the video streaming of your Android phone then you save the recording in your mobile memory. It is all accumulate in one place where you get all option for view, save, edit and share your videos. It has its own gallery where you get all recorded video or photos.

Screen Video Recording for android comes in two choices. One is free or another is paid version. If you are not professional user for this then you use free version. If you like to use this application in professional ways then you have to pay little bit amount. It is affordable and very nice software. I said very nice software. It means that its performance of video capturing quality and snapshot is very clear in comparison of others that is present now in Google Market.

You can purchase this software from Google’s Android Market and AndroidPIT’s App Center.

Screencast Video Recorder for Android Features:

Video screen capture android app can capture screen of android mobile and make high quality of video. It saves video in MPEG4 format. That is a very good format for vision quality.

It can record narration during capturing video. It means that you can make video to guide anyone for using mobile phone.

It can also take snapshot during recording or you can directly take the snapshot of your Android screen. It saves your money to purchasing any plus software for doing this.

It makes own Gallery where you get all your video and snaps. Here you get all interface to manage and edit your file.

It comes with Benchmark tool that can help you in comparison to others performance.

It provides widget that is the symbol or success of Android phone. You get home screen widget for quick launch application.

Video Screen Capture Android App Video screen capture Android app is really great that can make video for all movement in your Android phone. Give the try for using Screencast Video Recorder for Android.

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